Don't give out your data for free.
Make a profit.

Wibson is a blockchain-based, decentralized data marketplace that provides individuals a way to securely and anonymously sell validated private information in a trusted environment.

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The Challenge

In today's economy, data equals money. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean money for you.

Giant tech companies cleverly use the Internet's underlying technical protocols to capture and control your personal information.


The Wibson data marketplace provides infrastructure and financial incentives for individuals to securely sell private information that is validated for accuracy, all without sacrificing personal privacy.

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Wibson is built on a core set of principles

  • Transparency

    Individuals have complete visibility into how their data is being used.

  • Anonymity

    Identities are never revealed without all relevant parties' consent.

  • Fairness

    Individuals can exchange access to data for value. Supply and demand dictate market prices.

  • Control

    Individuals maintain control over use of their personal information.

Meet the team

  • Matías Travizano


  • Martín Minnoni


  • Gustavo Ajzenman

    Software Engineering

  • Carlos Sarraute


  • Cristian Adamo


  • Daniel Fernandez


  • Nicolás Della Penna


  • Geoff Baum


  • Aaron Foreman


  • Enrique Muñoz Torres


  • Florencia Solovey


  • Martin Manelli


  • Rodrigo Irarrazaval


  • Adrian Ertorteguy

    Marketing & Administration

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    Since today's consumer data marketplaces provide little access and limited pricing information to the average consumer, in this article, we make a first attempt to estimate the market value of an individual's personal data.

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  • What is a Decentralized, Privacy-Preserving Data Marketplace, and Why is it Important for You?

    In our previous post, we introduced the motivation for building Wibson. In this post, we’ll define what we mean by decentralized, privacy-preserving data marketplace, and why it’s relevant for you.

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  • Introducing Wibson, a decentralized data marketplace empowering individuals to monetize their own data, safely

    The Internet is a fundamentally decentralized system that links billions of interconnected devices to improve communication, access to information, and economic possibilities for billions of people across the globe.

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